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S K Parida asked 5 years ago
Is ankylosing spondylitis is treatable; i.e., completely cured?  Can it be treated without biologic medicines (anti-TNF drugs), as it is too costly for a common man.  Some physiotherapists say that they can treat AS without medicines, is it true. Please give a brief idea about the treatment process. Thanks and Regards,  
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OARC Staff answered 1 year ago
Exercises like swimming or cycling form the major treatment of AS patients as this prevent fusion of bones and maintains mobility. You may be prescribed with pain killers (NSAIDs) which has to be continued for many months as they are the 1st line treatment for most AS patients. All patients are different and some may respond to a particular drug whereas others don’t feel any benefit. Some drugs may cause severe gastritis or other complications where as they don’t cause any problems in others . So the drug response and side effects differ in different patients and it has to be continued under supervision of a trained rheumatologist. The drugs that are useful in treating AS are known as DMARDs(Disease modifying antirheumatic drugs). They Include Methotrexate, sulfasalazine, Hydroxycholoroquine, leflunamide etc. They are particularly useful for knee or ankle joint swelling but not for upper or lower back problems. These drugs should be prescribed and taken under supervision of a rheumatologist as they are trained to periodically monitor your blood test to look for any side effects of these drugs.