How to get cure in SLE

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OARC Staff answered 2 years ago
  • The first thing that comes to mind of a patient with Lupus and his/her well-wishers after knowing about the disease whether it can be cured. The answer is a big NO! but it does not mean that it cannot be treated.
  • Most of the chronic illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, bronchial asthma etc cannot be cured but if they will be adequately controlled and monitored then people with such diseases can live and enjoy their life just like their normal counterparts. So why worry?/li>
  • Treatment of Lupus has changed significantly over past few decades. Gone are those days where a diagnosis of Lupus meant a death sentence. With the proper understanding of disease and available of very effective drugs now the outlook of Lupus has changed enormously.
  • So my sincere request is not to get harassed thinking that everything has been lost and don’t run behind the “mirage” of cure and fall prey to fraudulent advertisements. Go as early as possible to your rheumatologist, discuss, form a treatment plan and comply with the regimen as this is the only way out.

All patients with Lupus are not same. There is a general rule that about half of Lupus patients will have milder disease confined to the skin and musculoskeletal system and does not require high dose of immunosuppression whereas the other half will have the more severe form of Lupus that attacks the internal organs. So, there is nothing to panic from the onset allow your doctor to formulate a treatment plan based on the extent of organ involvement. Lupus treatment is personalized.